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Japanese Acupuncture Educational Video Library

The Japanese Acupuncture online video library is dedicated to sharing truely useful treatment skills and strategies in an environment that is as close to the student/teacher method of transmition as possible.

Japanese Acupuncture Educational Video Library
  • 10 videos on pulse diagnosis
  • 23 videos on differential diagnosis
  • 16 videos on needling skills
  • 11 videos on moxibustion skills
  • 50 videos of actual treatments and case studies
  • 50 videos of seminars held around the world

World Acupuncture Member Bonuses
  • 10 videos on pulse diagnosis
  • access to the latest video lessons
  • access to experienced practitioners on the forum
  • discounts on selected items from our shop
  • discounts on face to face World Acupuncture Workshops held worldwide

Introduction to Japanese Acupuncture Course
  • 9 part video series
  • Online testing and certificates
  • 6 professional development points
  • discounts on selected items from our shop
  • Approved by NCCAOM, Californian board and Chinese Medicine Board of Australia

Japanese Acupuncture Video

Point Location Of Liver 8 & Kidney 10

Migraine Headache Treatment

Low Back Pain Treatment

Introduction To Rice Grain Moxibustion

Meet your teacher - Alan Jansson
Alan has practiced TCM and Japanese Acupuncture for nearly 30 years. He has studied with one of Japans finest Acupuncturists, Masakazu Ikeda sensei and continues to practice the traditional style of Acupuncture as it was taught to him by his mentor. Over the past 20 years Alan has invited students into his clinic to learn the craft first hand through clinical experience. It has brought Alan much joy to see his students grow into successful practitioners, which is how World Acupuncture came into being. Alan is now busy traveling around the world presenting workshops, but is committed to developing video lessons for the World Acupuncture internet community, all while maintaining a busy practice at home in which he treats over 90 patients a week.

World Acupuncture student testimonial
"The best thing I have ever done for my practice" - Fiona Johnson, BHSc TCM

"I am very impressed with the new website. It looks amazingly professional, easy to navigate, and jam packed with, what I believe is the greatest hub of information and knowledge on traditional acupuncture out there at the moment." - Chris Curtis, Acupuncturist

"To promote the study and practice of Japanese Acupuncture for the benefit of humankind world wide."